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I’m Dr. Erin Wheeler. I support the well-being of leaders of color.

Leaders of color have a unique pressure to perform. Our well-being pays the price. When we operate from a place of wholeness and authenticity in all areas of our life, we can prosper on purpose and lead effectively.

Gracefully Productive is a minority-owned, boutique coaching & consulting company dedicated to improving the well-being of professionals and leaders of color.  We provide research-based productivity strategies designed for the unique challenges and lived experiences of people of color so they can balance the life they have while creating the life they desire. Gracefully Productive offers private and group coaching, productivity, well-being, and leadership retreats, as well as leadership training and professional development opportunities. 

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Services & Specialties


Lead & Be Well Leadership Coaching Program

Lead & Be Well is a nine-month leadership program that empowers leaders of color to focus on well-being as a means to improve leadership effectiveness.


Well Wise Leaders Summit

Lead Wiser is a four-day conference for leaders of color to refuel, reimagine, and reset to maximize their impact. Topics will include emotionally intelligent leadership, managing up, shifting from manager to coach, fostering team productivity, and improving personal well-being. Learn more and register.


Solo-leader Coaching & Accountability Group

Created for solo-prenuers and non-profit leaders, this group coaching program provides under-resourced or understaffed organizational leaders with thought partnership, feedback, and accountability to lead efficiently with clarity and confidence.


Gallup Strengths Coaching for Managers & Teams

Employees and managers can gain clarity and insights to improve performance and well-being by completing the Gallup Strengths Assessment, which measures natural patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving.  During a series of individual and group coaching sessions, we will interpret results and create ways to leverage strengths individually and as a team to improve organizational effectiveness.

Why Gracefully Productive?

Boost employee engagement.

I’ve successfully supported, coached, and led multi-generational teams and fostered positive workplace cultures.

Enhance DEI efforts.

I empower professionals of color to discover their strengths and take control of their well-being and lead authentically.

Improve team productivity.

A strengths-based approach helps managers and teams work efficiently by identifying their unique talents. 

Alleviate leadership burnout.

My metacognitive approach bridges the gap to improve both well-being and productivity.  

Let’s Work Together

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