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  • Every morning, you drag yourself out of bed, dreading the day ahead. You’re bone tired, thanks to endless work and those never-ending meetings.
  • You should’ve finished that report ages ago, but you kept getting sucked into pointless discussions.
  • No amount of sleep makes waking up any easier. All you want to do is call in sick and escape your own life. 
  • Once you somehow kick-start your day with a million cups of coffee, it’s a whirlwind of back-to-back meetings.
  • The only breaks you get are for bathroom trips, popping painkillers for your pounding headache, and hurriedly scarfing down lunch while checking emails.
  • Coffee becomes your lifeline just to survive until evening. After work, there’s more work waiting.
  • You promise yourself you’ll hit the gym, but hey, there’s always tomorrow, right? Your to-do list never ends, and by the time you get home, you’re running on empty.
  • You try to be there for your family and friends, but honestly, you’re just a shell of yourself.
  • You can’t even enjoy a moment of peace because your mind is racing with all the stuff you have to tackle the next day, and your head is still throbbing.
  • When you finally crash into bed, you dread the same routine the next day. Then, bam! Reality hits you when the doctor reveals your health is on the line, and you might need meds to fix it.
  • Your job feels toxic, your health is nosedive, and your relationships are strained. That dream of a healthy, wealthy, and free life? It’s buried under a mountain of stress. You see others living their best lives, and all you can think is, “Must be nice.”

Hey there, I’m Dr. Erin Wheeler, a seasoned leader of color in the realms of Higher Education and non-profits, clocking in 15 years of navigating white spaces. Burnout? Been there, done that. Living on others’ terms and society’s standards left me exhausted, longing for authenticity and a balanced life.

I get the struggle of juggling a 9-5, community service, family commitments, love life aspirations, and a side hustle – it’s overwhelming. But here’s the scoop: I rebelled against societal norms, prioritized my well-being, and crafted my ideal life. Now, I’m here to be the champion I wished for during my journey.

As a leadership coach, I’m all about supporting leaders of color, whether emerging, senior, or entrepreneurial. I’ve been in your shoes, and I know the playbook needs a rewrite. Let’s ditch generic strategies and embrace coaching that understands the unique experiences of everyone. It’s time to break free from burnout and lead authentically!

Powerful Assessments, Holistic Insights

Receive four high-quality, in-depth assessments which include Burnout & Well-being, Energy & Time Management, Purpose & Fulfillment, and Gallup’s Strengths.

Wise, Well, and Winning Leader Blueprint

Elevate well-being and leadership across career, finances, social, and physical aspects with a personalized action plan for practical success.

Tailored Coaching for Personal Growth

Experience personalized 1:1 coaching and dynamic group sessions for comprehensive personal and professional development, fostering growth and success.

Private Podcast Lessons

Access exclusive and convenient audio lessons and private podcasts covering high-impact success and leadership strategies, along with personal and professional growth topics like emotional intelligence, metacognition, self-compassion, and habit swapping.

Private Community

Join the private community to connect and network with like-minded individuals. Share insights, exchange ideas, and build meaningful connections with fellow participants on a similar journey to success.

Event Discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts on my live events, including retreats, masterminds, and workshops. Elevate your experience by participating in these immersive, growth-focused gatherings at a special rate.

“Such an amazing and valuable experience! It gives me so much clarity about my priorities and how to advance them. I can’t recommend it enough. I appreciated the time and space to reflect.”

“Overall, my experience was amazing. Dr. Wheeler knows her “stuff” and I grow professionally every time I am in her presence. I am most grateful that she is rooted in similar beliefs as myself and made the session a safe space to discuss and analyze my position, career, and future. — Thank you so much!”

“She truly pushed me to think in new ways. I’m still working on getting out of my own way so that I can maximize my professional life and perceive it the way I want to, but working with her has assisted me in that process. I value the time I spent working with her and the connection I was able to form as a result. I would recommend Dr. Erin to anyone searching for a new approach to take control of their professional future and even a new way to look at themselves.”

Act now to enroll in our program ($2300 value). Early adopters enjoy exclusive rates, but after the initial launch, prices rise. Secure your spot today with either a:

A one-time payment of just $400. (Klarna, Afterpay, and Affirm Available)


Opt for flexibility with 5 monthly payments of $120.

Don’t miss out on these limited-time rates. Invest in your growth and success now.

It’s YOUR time, but I know you might be feeling like…

  • Can I afford this right now? Ask yourself, can you afford to stay where you are now, or is it time to invest in the transformative growth and fulfillment that this program offers?
  • Will this work for me? Rest assured, this program is tailored to deliver tangible results for individuals like you, fostering transformative growth and unlocking the path to a more fulfilled and successful life.
  • What if the upfront cost is still too much for me right now? If the upfront cost is a concern, let’s talk about flexible payment options tailored to your budget, ensuring you can join this transformative journey with ease. I can also help you request support from your employer.
  • I’m not sure I have the time for this. This program is designed for busy leaders, offering a self-paced structure. As your coach, I’m committed to helping you carve out the time needed for your transformation, ensuring you achieve the results you desire without adding stress to your schedule.

I am committed to your success. If, after fully participating, you don’t feel the positive impact on your mindset, leadership, and overall well-being, I guarantee my ongoing support to work closely with you until we achieve the desired outcomes. Your journey matters, and I am dedicated to ensuring you receive the support needed for meaningful transformation and success. Your satisfaction and growth are my priorities, and I stand by my commitment to guide you towards positive change.

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