For Individuals

1:1 Coaching

During a single coaching session, we will focus on 1-2 personal, professional, or leadership goals, create a tailored plan of action, identify several self-management strategies, and identify barriers to success. Add on a Gallup Strength Assessment to deepen self-awareness and enhance the coaching experience.

Shift 90-Day Accountability Group

Shift 90 is designed for busy professionals to have support and accountability in the first 90 days of the year. Through a powerful masterclass, weekly and monthly check-ins, participants will have consistent support to make major progress on their goals.

Level Up Personal Planning & Productivity Retreat

Level Up is a curated experience for professional women of color. This luxury annual retreat provides a safe space for participants to relax, renew, and refocus for the new year.

For Orgs and Leaders

Lead & Be Well Leadership Coaching Program

Lead & Be Well is a nine-month leadership program that empowers leaders of color to focus on well-being as a means to improve leadership effectiveness.

Wise Well Leadership Summit

The Wise Well Leaders Summit is a four-day conference for leaders of color to refuel, reimagine, and reset to maximize their impact. Topics will include emotionally intelligent leadership, managing up, shifting from manager to coach, fostering team productivity, and improving personal well-being.

Solo-leader Coaching & Accountability Group

Created for solo-prenuers and non-profit leaders, this group coaching program provides under-resourced or understaffed organizational leaders with thought-partnership, feedback, and accountability so that they can efficiently lead with clarity and confidence.

Gallup Strengths Coaching for Managers & Teams

Employees and managers can gain clarity and insights to improve performance and well-being through completing the Gallup Strengths Assessment, which measures natural patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving.  During a series of individual and group coaching sessions, we will interpret results and create ways to leverage strengths individually and as a team to improve organizational effectiveness.

Corporate Team Retreat Facilitation

We plan engaging retreats to reenergize teams and leaders. We also act as facilitators so company leaders can be a part of the experience and be present with their team.

Custom Packages

Contact us to create a custom package that fits your company’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a process that facilitates personal growth or improvement in general or in a particular area.

Is Productivity & Leadership Coaching Right for me?
  • Do you have personal goals that you consistently place on the back burner?
  • Are you tired of not having the time to accomplish your goals?
  • Are you sitting on ideas that could lead to more income and fulfillment?
  • Do you want to do something big but lack the courage and support?
  • Are you seeking balance between work, life and family?
  • Do you need help managing your time?
  • Are you trying to balance a full-time job while building a business?
  • Are you searching for purpose in your life and career?
  • Are you seeking a managerial or leadership position?
  • Do you want to improve your effectiveness as a leader?
  • Are you feeling burnt out either personally or professionally?

If you answered yes to any question, then productivity coaching is right for you!

What are the benefits of coaching?
  • Ability to live purposefully
  • Increased job performance
  • Work-Life Integration
  • Increased motivation
  • Improved time and self-management
  • Structure and accountability
  • Improved discipline and focus
  • Greater fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Improved well-being
How Can Productivity and Leadership Coaching Benefit My Company?
  • Enhance company’s employee incentives program
  • Enhance diversity leadership program
  • Decrease employee burn-out
  • Improve employee retention
  • Increase team productivity and engagement
  • Improve org well-being

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